2020 NSW Long Range Shooting Course Dates


August 8th/9th - Precision Hunter

August 29th/30th - Long Range 1

September 12th/13th - Long Range 1

September 25th/26th/27th - Long Range 1 (Three Day Course)

Three Day Special LR1 - Day three of this special even LR1 will be dedicated to in depth wind reading and shooting out to 1630m (one mile) 

October 10th/11th - Precision Hunter 

November 7th/8th - Precision Hunter 

ONE ON ONE COURSES - One to one course dates and cost are subject to agreement.

HIRE RIFLES - If you do not have a Long Range Rifle setup or would just like to try long range shooting out before making the big dive into buying your own, we do have hire rifles available fully setup for the type of shooting we will be doing.

BOOKING TERMS- To successfully secure a course please book online, if you choose to remove yourself from a booked course we will not be able to refund you. We can offer a 3 month extension in which you will be able to take a later course. After the 3 month period, if you fail to attend you will loose any position on course and repayment will be needed.



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