About Us


The 365 Precision Training mission is to provide premium long range and precision shooting training to civilian shooters in a safe and friendly environment at a unique 1700 metre shooting facility.

365 Precision is the leading precision rifle training provider in Australia, employing instructors from military and civilian world that provides professional training and experience to government and civilian personnel. The company is owned and operated by former military personnel serving with operational experience abroad in countries like Afghanistan, East Timor and Iraq. 365 Precision pride ourselves on the professional but simple approach to education, along with high quality training that our students receive. Each course is taught in a manner that everyone can easily understand, there is no reason to overcomplicate shooting.  We focus on student's retention of knowledge and with that, 365 Precision offers an educational GUARANTEE.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you out on the range. 365 Precision understands that certain skills are perishable. We also understand that for a majority of our students, these skills are underutilized due to other commitments. Our promise, to 365 Precision Training students, is to provide continuing education in order to retain the course teachings. The personnel at 365 precision are committed to being available to our students even after courses are completed.

The GUARANTEE: On going after course support, we will be available to all students who take our courses via phone or email to provide on going support to ensure that they stay at peak performance.

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