GEN-II-TP (Top and side ported design)

GEN-II-TP (Top and side ported design)


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Thread sizes available: 5/8″-24TPI – M18 x 1.0mm – M16 x 1.0mm (recommended thread length 14-18mm – No undercut required)

To suit muzzle diameters: 17.5mm – 25mm

While GCPD user timed muzzle brakes are not the cheapest available, we believe they are the most refined both in materials and function. What a lot of people don’t understand is the extent to which muzzle brake blast faces erode with use, with this erosion also comes a degradation of performance. GCPD combats erosion along with robustness and corrosion resistance by employing the use of a aircraft grade hot-working tool steel, which is vacuum hardened and nitrided after CNC machining. Our muzzle brakes are not ported rear toward the shooter, and feature smooth gas vector geometry, which minimizes concussion felt by the shooter, while providing a drastic reduction in felt recoil and muzzle flip. We have also kept the design as slim lined and clean to minimize snagging on objects in the field and provide a greater visual appearance. The user-timed mechanism is rock solid and reliable, making crush washers, gunsmith timing, grub screws and Loctite things of the past. Included with every GCPD muzzle brake is a custom laser cut, stainless steel wrench, which also doubles as a bottle opener. *Due to material hardness, these muzzle brake can not be bored our to larger diameter * Modification of GCPD muzzle brakes will void all warranties

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