TAB Gear Str8LacedUltra Light Rear Bag, MultiCam

TAB Gear Str8LacedUltra Light Rear Bag, MultiCam


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The Str8Laced Ultra Light Rear Bag is a collabrative effort between Str8Laced Gun Gear teaming up with TAB Gear to produce their well known lightweight bag under the TAB GEAR line of products.

The Str8Laced Ultra Light Rear Bag is a versatile rectangular shape with a multitude of deployment options and heights thanks to the genourous adjustable para-cord on each side, the webbing straps and hook tabs for a carabiner.

The web straps that run the length of the bag on one side and across the bag on the other provide a simple way to attach the bag to your rifle by running the bipod legs through one of the straps. The strap can also be used to run your hand through it to provide another simple means of carry.

Twin loop tabs provide an attachment point for a carabiner or S-Biner for easy carry and attachment to gear, while the adjustable para-cord can tigheten and compress the bag to provide a more rigid support.

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