Nightforce Professional Optical Cleaning Kit

Nightforce Professional Optical Cleaning Kit




The Nightforce Professional Optical Cleaning Kit is exactly what the name suggests,  the perfect accessory to maintain the lenses of your expensive Nightforce riflescope or spotter in top working condition.

The Nightforce Professional Optical Cleaning Kit comes housed in a field ready hardshell storage case, perfectly suited for the backpack or range bag and contains a number of accessories to keep your lenses grime and dust free; harm free!

  • Pro-Pocket microfiber cloth and anti-fog spray kit,
  • Pro-Pocket microfiber cloth, Regular,
  • Pro-Pocket microfiber cloth, Large,
  • Dust Blower,
  • 2 x 15cm x 15cm microfiber cloths,
  • 2 x 25cm x 25cm microfiber cloths
  • Lens Pen lens cleaning tool and brush,
  • 2 x lens swabs,
  • 350ml Sudz lens cleaning spray,
  • 350ml Sudz Fogzoff Anti-Fog spray
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