Shadow Tech PIG Saddle

Shadow Tech PIG Saddle


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Effortlessly maintain your rifle’s sights across a field or hillside waiting for that trophy buck, fox or feral dog. Maximize your ability to make an accurate shot for a responsible one-shot kill. The PIG Saddle is a rigid, steady support with unequaled versatility and portability. A rock solid platform that is flexible enough to attain those tough shots at a moment’s notice.

The Shadow Tech PIG Saddle is constructed from stamped steel, has a powder coat finish and has now been enhanced with a CNC machined Aluminium Tension Knob. 1/4” urethane pads are used to absorb recoil, and contribute toward reducing muzzle jump. The saddle has both 1/4-20, and 3/8-16 threads which allows for the saddle to be fit directly to most tripods should the tripod head fail, or a lower profile be required.

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