Long Range 2

Long Range 2


The Long-Range Precision Rifle 2 is the second course in our highly regarded training series. This is a more advanced level course, designed to further enhance a student's skill-set with precision rifle shooting. Students will be expected to have fundamental knowledge and experience utilising their precision rifle system, understanding their optics functions and engaging targets from the prone position. This is a two (2) day training course. We will instruct the student on more advanced theory, including –


  • Marksmanship
  • Ballistic capability
  • Transonic/Subsonic zones
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    Breathing Controlled firing
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    Practical shooting out to one mile
  • Truing
  • Advanced external ballistics
  • Internal ballistics
  • Wind

As per all our courses, theory will support live fire practice and drills to emphasise new training. Target engagement will be from 100m to 1610m, depending on the student's specific weapon system. This course is medium paced, designed to present the appropriate amount of information with a quick transition to range time. This course will teach you to know the ballistic limits of your caliber of choice. Short action calibers with a minimum of 6mm are fine but we encourage use of the bigger long action calibers on this course due to the extreme distance we will be shooting at. We highly recommend purchasing a Kestrel 5700 Elite for this course due to the enhanced ballistic capability of the unit. We will be offering a package deal on any of our long range courses combined with a Kestrel 5700 Elite that are purchased through us.

You Bring:

  • Licensed Rifle with canting bipod
  • Quality scope with external turrets with at least 13 Mils (45 MOA) of elevation after zeroing at 100m
  • 300 rounds minimum of factory match grade ammunition or carefully prepared hand loaded ammunition
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     Shooting mat
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     Pens and pencils
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     Hearing protection (electronic preferred)
  •  Clear shooting eye protection
  •  Cleaning equipment
  •  Seasonal clothing
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     Wet weather gear
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    Ballistics Software, we encourage a Kestrel 5700 Elite which can be purchased through us but a Phone App will suffice.
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    Ballistic AE preferred phone app for IOS or Applied Ballistics for Samsung
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     Rice bag or sand bag for the rifle butt

LR1 Must be completed before advancing on to LR2
Attendees are advised that there will be zero tolerance for unsafe or reckless behavior. Any shooter deemed unsafe will forfeit their course fee and will be excused from the course immediately.

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