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precision rifles

GC Precision Developments (GCPD) is a fully Australian owned company that produces a full range of Law Enforcement (LE) and military sniper rifles, as well as a wide range of long range, precision hunting and competition rifles. Using the most advanced materials, engineering design, finite element analysis, and latest in manufacturing technologies, GCPD delivers extreme levels of accuracy, and ruggedness without unnecessary weight or bulk.

As hunters and sporting shooters, and with design input from military and LE operators, GCPD aims to deliver maximum level performance in rifle systems which are completely field usable. This is something that can often be overlooked in this industry, where products are often based on a particular look, rather than unparalleled function or refinement. 

All manufacturing of GCPD components occurs on site, in a facility based in Canberra, Australia. With a collective background of 45 years in design, development and precision CNC manufacturing, GCPD are certain that their approach to design and development of their rifle systems is kept on the cutting edge.

Any commercial parts sourced by GCPD are procured from their trusted supply chain of industry leading manufacturers. All heat treatment and coating processes are applied by the best in Australian industry. The Mil specification, material certification and quality assurance, ensures that GCPD clients always obtain the best quality products, which are an investment into the future. GCPD rifles, both military and civilian are of fully modular design, meaning they are fully user configurable and most of the rifles can be configured for different applications.

Modularity provides the best ability to ensure GCPD’s clients get EXACTLY what they require, rather than something that is just an off the shelf solution. GCPD’s push forward into small arms innovation and the results of their efforts has earned them a reputation across Australia and the globe for supplying nothing but the best. GCPD now feature in the Department of Defence.

Whether you are a professional, military, or LE operator, a long range hunter, culling feral animals, hitting steel plates at a mile and beyond, GCPD has you covered. GCPD can supply your full turn-key rifle solution, or component parts such as chassis, suppressors, barrels, muzzle brakes, optics and other accessories. Buy once, buy right and put your name down for the Ultimate in Precision with GCPD Arms.

What our customers say:

 “As for accuracy the rifle regularly shoots sub 1/3 MOA. First shot hits out past 1000m have been simple and repeatable.” Keiran, Qld

“I have received a most magnificent firearm that has already exceeded my expectations.” Richard, Qld

“I purchased this rifle as a hunting rifle and have found that it preforms to the levels of the most highly engineered rifles from the states.” Mitchell, NSW

“I have always been impressed with the level of responsiveness, knowledge and quality of service.” Daniel, NSW

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