Rifle Accuracy & Data Packages 

How many times have you spent hours reloading in the back shed, tinkering away and then your called into the house to help with the kids? Does that sound familiar, we know all to well. After weeks of finally finding the time to get out to the range, you head out to test your newly developed load. You get behind your rifle and send your groups down range, only to find they are not grouping at all or you produce the best sub half minute group, smiles are wide and its high five to all the boys. They ask where did you learn that reloading voodoo, you go to finally test the quality of that load over the chronograph. Only to find your standard deviation and extreme spread is as bad as a carton of old Chinese branded, wax paper wrapped 7.62x39 ex-mil ammo.  This then takes you back to drawing board, all that time and effort essentially wasted.We acknowledge this and fully understand this more then often scenario. This is why we are proud to offer our custom accuracy and data packages, send us your rifle via your local dealer and we will do all the hard work. We will custom build the best possible load with the best components that will suit your long range or hunting needs, we will produce a load that will shoot minimum half MOA at 100m or the tightest possible group that your rifle system is capable of.

 With our proven method of load development we concentrate on loads that produce very low extreme spread (ES) which means high quality consistent hand loads that produce accuracy out at range. Once a load is established we then take that rifle system out to its effective supersonic range, we true up your rifle and data at that range then we produce a data sheet (Dope card) for you and your rifle with the atmospherics we dealt with on the day.

On return of your rifle, you simply follow the load specs we recommend and your ready to go and shoot, saving yourself huge amounts of time and money overall. We have successfully sent back many rifles to customers who are extremely happy with the results and in turn have sent the rest of their collection for the same service. We can even supply a Kestrel 5700 that we will build and install your custom profile, no more phones or dodgy eBay weather stations. It is then simply load to the specs, turn on your kestrel 5700, range your target, dial the data on the screen of the 5700 and your done.

If you would like to take up this service or have any questions then please fill out our contact form, we will get back to you as quick as possible to answer any questions or book in your rifle for the one stop shop accuracy package.

Contract Shooting, Pest Control 

365 precision is now offering contract shooting/pest animal control services, to rural landholders and businesses in New South Wales & Australia.

With years of professional experience, our ex-military team will deliver results. Through a detailed planning phase and consistent approach, we will be able to fully remove or limit feral animal numbers right down to a sustainable level. Target animals include but are not limited to –

  • Feral Pigs
  • Feral Goats
  • Foxes
  • Feral Cats
  • Brumbies
  • Deer
  • Wild Dogs

Kangaroo Culling (Macropod)

365 is able to offer “drop tag” culling of Australian Kangaroo species. The applicable permits (s121) need to be provided by the property occupier/owner. 365 precision is able to work with land owners, to assist in obtaining the needed permits from the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage and NSW Department of Primary Industries (NPWS / LLS)

Why choose us?

Our team are not just your average weekend shooters looking to get out and shoot, we have previously been professional “Roo” shooters for human consumption with Macro Meats. 10 years’ service in the Australian Infantry, serving in Afghanistan and East Timor. During this time our team has undergone immense training in Helicopter Under Water Training (HUET), Aerial Shooting & many hours experience of operating from helicopters in a war zone.

We are also Australia’s biggest long-range shooting/Marksmanship training provider. By hiring us, land owners can rest assure they are getting the most disciplined and professional shooters that they can rely on to get the job done.

We operate with a small foot print and minimize any damage to land or crops by running from our fully setup Can Am Defender. If you need help removing pest species or are just interested in pricing then please don’t hesitate to contact us via our Contact us page on the site.

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